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Details about Silver Screen Story MOD APK free

    Kairosoft is one of the most famous simulation game manufacturers that you can find in the mobile game Android market today. Kairosoft products are released for free on different platforms like Google Play Store. Most of their games use mostly pixel graphics. This type of graphics has attracted many players around the world. Kairosoft has developed their games very well and has a large fan base. Their games were quickly downloaded after a short time of release.

    Today, we bring you their latest mobile game apk mod, it’s Silver Screen Story (MOD Money). The game is available on the Play Store as a paid game, you need to make a payment before you get it. Do not worry because in this article, we will provide you the APK file of this game, so you can download and install it completely for free.

    The boss of the filming studio

    Movies can be an integral part of many people’s lives, from small screens to big screens, all of which need a lot of stages and processes to accomplish. Coming to Silver Screen Story, players will become the boss of a studio. You will experience all the work of a film producer. You will have to almost all the processes to create a movie that you often watch on television or at the cinema. However, everything will have a certain limit in Silver Screen Story for players to feel that they achieve specific criteria. All movies are designed with pixel graphics and cute characters.

    Hire famous actors, dancers, comedians, singers, ..

    The work of a film producer in Silver Screen Story is almost identical to the work of real-life film producers. Therefore, in order to have good game movies and make a good reputation, you need to have actors, dancers, singers, artists … The indispensable part of a filmmaker is the content to tired the story. attractive and how to tell a compelling story. The popularity of the film and the money you earn from it are your measures of success.

    However, these tasks are not simple, players need to have a very long process. It includes marketing strategy, hiring staff, … to be able to create the best movies. Moreover, you need to upgrade and look for talented people to maximize the power of your film team.
    Pre-production work

    After the creation is likewise a standout amongst the most basic components to make your film substantially more alluring. For instance, you can pick the class of Superhero motion pictures, and really, your entertainers can’t do risky activities or anecdotal articles. Everything needs a present day, CGI innovation. In addition, the after creation is additionally significant. On the off chance that you know blood and gore films, at that point, its prosperity lies in making sounds that make watchers anxious.

    Upgrade your staff, Use money wisely

    In Silver Screen Story, you need to travel around the area on the map to find talent for your production team. Of course, you need to check statistics to know their abilities. And you need to be careful about it because you have no way to get rid of them when you want them to quit. It will continue to annoy you with the icon on your head. In addition, finding skilled employees is not easy. The number of good game employees is not really much. You should also focus on upgrading your employees instead of constantly looking for new employees.

    The assets you acquire after the debuts are altogether yours, and the player should think cautiously to put resources into precisely. “Cinema Story” additionally offers a fairly abnormal component of procuring entertainers. Youthful and modest on-screen characters might be reasonable for you at the main dimension, yet your spending limit isn’t excessively, and the size of a film is additionally little. Be that as it may, later on, when you turned into a renowned executive, your motion picture should likewise be a position. Utilize your cash to procure acclaimed S-film entertainers, or cloud renowned pop symbols, artists or comics. They will be a conclusive factor to carry fans to the film and make the most of your motion picture.

    Unleash your imagination

    With Silver Screen Story, players can unleash their creativity and bring the most classic movies. You can build gentle and lovely romantic movies, or thrilling action movies, or fantasy films with unique superheroes. The choice of clothes, ideas for the film gives you better advantages when the movie is released. However, your content and ideas turned into reality is what really makes your audience love your movie. So don’t hesitate to develop your best content and ideas for the movie.

    Get Silver Screen Story APK now!

    Silver Screen Story has just been released in early June but it has attracted many players and many different comments. However, most people enjoy this game mod apk very well. There are many opinions that this is the best game of Kairosoft.

    Download Silver Screen Story

    Download Silver Screen Story MOD APK -1.1.7 Download Silver Screen Story APK Original -1.1.7

    Mod Feature:
    – Silver Screen Story Battle Mod apk
    – Silver Screen Story Battle One Hit
    – Silver Screen Story God Mode
    – Silver Screen Story Unlimited Money
    – Silver Screen Story Unlimited Coins
    – Silver Screen Story Unlimited Gems
    – Silver Screen Story Mod Menu 

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